MICS-5524 Air Quality Sensor Module

MICS-5524 Air Quality Sensor Module
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Tags: Air Quality Sensor, Air Quality Module, CO Detector, NH3 Detector, CH4 Detector, C2H5OH Detector, H2 Detector, Gas Sensor

This module is based on the MiCS-5524 chip that is a robust MEMS sensor for carbon monoxide and natural gas leakage detection. It is suitable for air quality monitoring, breath checker and early fire detection which can be used for both indoor and outdoor environments. These sensors can be built at home or bought from certain manufacturers. Here are the steps to use MiCS-5524 sensor:
Power it with 5 VDC and read the analog voltage off of the output pin.
When gasses are detected, the analog voltage will increase in the proportion of detected gas.
When powered, the heater draws about 25-35mA.
You can use the EN pin to power it off (pull it high to 5V to turn off) to conserve energy. Just make sure to wait for a second after turning the heater on to make sure it is all heated before taking readings.

Model: MICS-5524
Gas: H2, CO, NH3, C2H5OH, CH4
Measuring range: Carbon monoxide (CO) 1 ~ 1000ppm
                             Ethanol (C2H5OH)        10 ~ 500ppm
                             Hydrogen (H2)               1 ~ 1000ppm
                             Ammonia (NH3)             1 ~ 500ppm
                             Methane (CH4)              >1000ppm
Output Resistance: 100kΩ ~ 1500kΩ
Heating Power: 71mW
Heating Voltage: 2.4V
Heating Current: 32mA
Input Voltage: 4.9V ~ 5.1V
Operating Temperature: -30°C ~ 85°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C ~ 120°C
Storage Humidity:  5% ~ 95% RH
Pin Number: 3 Pin

Package Include:
1 x MiCS5524 Gas Sensor

Sensor Parameters
Measuring range 1 ~ 1000ppm (CO), 10 ~ 500ppm (C2H5OH), 1 ~ 1000ppm (H2), 1 ~ 500ppm (NH3), >1000ppm (CH4)
Application H2, CO, NH3, C2H5OH, CH4 Detector
Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 4.9V ~ 5.1V
Output Impedance 100kΩ ~ 1500kΩ
Board Parameters
Pin Count 3 Pin
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature -30°C ~ 85°C
Storage temprature -40°C ~ 120°C
Storage Humidity 5% ~ 95% RH

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