MC105 Sensor

 MC105 Sensor
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Tags: Catalytic Gas Sensor, Flammable Gas Detector, CH4 Detector, Gas Detector, Gas Sensor

MC105 gas sensor adopts a catalytic combustion principle, and its two arms of electric bridge consist of a test element and a compensating element. The resistance of the test element rises once it meets the combustible gases, at the same time, the output voltage of the bridge changes and the voltage variation rises in direct proportion to the gas concentration. The compensating element, as a conference, has the function of compensating temperature and humidity.
MC105 sensor can detect CH4 and flammable gas sensor for alarming, metering and detecting gases.

MC105 Gas Sensor Specifications:

  1. Bridge output voltage in linear
  2. Fast response 
  3. Good repeatability and selectivity 
  4. Resist H2S poisoning & organosilicone

MC105 Catalytic Gas sensor Applications :

  1. Industrial occasions
  2. Detect the concentration of natural gas, LPG, CO, and alkanes
  3. Combustible gas leakage alarm systems,
  4. Combustible gas detector
  5. Gas concentration meter

MC105 Catalytic Gas sensoe Features:

  1. Model: MC105
  2. Sensor Type: Catalytic Type
  3. Standard Encapsulation: Plastic
  4. Working voltage: 2.5V ±0.1V
  5. Working current: 150mA ±10mA
  6. Sensitivity: 25mV ~ 50mV (1%CH4), 30mV ~ 70mV (1%C3H8)
  7. Linearity: ≤5%
  8. Measuring range: 0%LEL ~ 100%LEL
  9. Response Time: ≤10s
  10. Recovery Time: ≤30s
  11. Operating Temperature: -40℃ ~ +70℃
  12. Operating Humidity: <95%RH
  13. Storage Temperature: -20℃ ~+70℃
  14. Storage Humidity: <95%RH


  1. MC105 gas sensor datasheet pdf Link

Sensor Parameters
Measuring range 0%LEL ~ 100%LEL
Application CH4 and Flammable Gas
Sensitivity 25mV ~ 50mV (1%CH4), 30mV ~ 70mV (1%C3H8)
Response Time ≤10s
Electrical Parameters
Output Voltage 2.5V ±0.1V
Working Current 150mA ±10mA
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature -40℃ ~ +70℃
Storage temprature -20℃ ~+70℃
Operating humidity <95%RH
Storage Humidity <95%RH

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