NIS-07 ION Chamber Smoke Detector Sensor

NIS-07 ION Chamber Smoke Detector Sensor
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The unit chamber structure designed according to the best performance of computer simulation, this ionization chamber is dedicated to smoke detectors. All materials are made of highly corrosion-resistant materials, and the safety performance reaches BS/ISO/ANS/GB C64646 standards.
NIS - 07 ion smoke sensors have an ionization chamber, the ion chamber used artificial radioactive element americium 241 (Am241), the intensity of about 0.8 micro Curie, under the normal state is in the balance of the electric field condition, when there is a smoke into the ionization chamber, ionization produced positive and negative ions, interfere with the normal movement of the charged particle, under the action of electric field, respectively to the positive and negative electrode, destroyed the balance between the internal and external ionization chamber, current, the voltage will change. Ion smoke smoke sensor is through the equivalent resistor voltage changes due to ionization chamber to perceive micro electric current change device of smoke particles. To macro performance for the equivalent resistance of ionization chamber increase causes the voltage at the ends of the ionization chamber, thus to determine the status of the smoke in the air.
Within the ionization chamber, there are two plates with voltage in between them. If an electron in this space is knocked out of place due to smoke entering the chamber, it causes ionization, and, in response, the fire alarm goes off.

Ionization source characteristics and radiation safety performance:
The ionization chamber fitted with a high performance and low activity of Am-241 ionization
Ionization source activity: 0.5uCi ( 18KBq ) 0.8uCi±10% ( 30KBq±10% )
Ionization source a spectroscopy: peak: 4.5MeV ± 10%, FW HM<0.7MeV
Safety grading standards ( GB4075, IS02919 ) C64444
Ionization chamber radiation dose rate at 25cm: 0.03mGy/ (1mGy value lower than population does standard)

Outer electrode and the source electrode voltage ( VDD supply voltage ): 9V
Operating Temperature: 20 ± 3℃ close to atmospheric pressure standard atmospheric pressure, clean air
Collecting electrode equilibrium potential: 5.3V ~ 6.5V
Collecting electrode potential with the smoke concentration change
The light reduction rate was 1% feet: 0.6V
The light reduction rate was 4% feet: 2.2V
Insulator leakage current ( Max. ): 0.5Pa
Capacitor ( collection of extreme outer electrode + to the source base ): 6pF
Material: Metal
Color: Silver
Size: 28mm x 16mm x 37mm

Package Include:
1 x ION Chamber Smoke Detector Sensor

Sensor Parameters
Application Smoke Detection
Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 9V
Physical Parameters
Size 28mm x 16mm x 37mm
Material Metal
Color Silver
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature 20 ± 3℃

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