Magnetic Reed switch module

Magnetic Reed switch module
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Tags: Magnetic Switch, arduino, KY-025 reed switch

Reed switch is a kind of passive electronic switching component with contacts with a simple structure, small size and easy to control. Magnetic switch consists of a sealed glass envelope where there are two ferrous elastic reeds and is filled with inert gas called rhodium. Normally, the two reeds are separated in the envelope. When a magnetic substance approaches to the glass envelope, the reeds will come together due to the magnetic field thus completing an electric circuit. When the external magnetic field disappears, two reeds will be separated because of their elasticity, the circuit is also disconnected. Therefore, as a circuit switching device controlled by magnetic field signals, reed switch can also be used as a sensor for counting and limiting, etc. ( applied in the security systems, mainly used for production of door and window magnets), and it is also widely used in a variety of communications devices. In practice, it is common to use the two permanent magnets to control connection of two metal sheets, thus it is also called a "magnetic switch.".

KY-025 Reed Switch Module Application:

  1. security systems
  2. communication devivces
  3.  photocopiers
  4. washing machines
  5. refrigerators
  6. cameras
  7. Disinfection cabinets
  8. door magnets
  9. window magnets
  10. electromagnetic relays
  11. electronic weighing devices
  12. level meters
  13. gas meters
  14. water meters

KY-025 Reed switch Module Features:

  1. normally-open reed switch
  2. comparator outputs a signal clean,
  3. good waveform
  4. driving ability
  5. working voltage of 5V-3.3V
  6. output form: digital switching output (0 and 1)
  7. fixing bolt hole
  8. easy installation
  9. small board PCB size: 3.2cm X 1.4cm
  10. using a wide voltage LM393 comparator


  1. KY-025 datasheet Link
  2. Reed switch module arduino Link
Electrical Parameters
Voltage DC 3.3-5VC
Physical Parameters
Size 32mm X 14mm

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