TGAM EEG Brain Wave Kit

TGAM EEG Brain Wave Kit
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The human brain is made up of billions of attached neurons that are about the size of the pin. The pattern of neuron interactions is evident from unique thoughts such as mathematical calculations and emotional states such as attention. The average human thoughts are about 70,000 per day. For the production of any interactions between neurons, a very small electrical drain is created, which can be measured by EEG (Electroencephalographic) devices. The very famous NeuroSky ThinkGear module is used to receive EEG signals. This module, with the help of a dry electrode, can convert low-level human brain signals into digital signals by passing through anti-noise filters and electrical disturbances, and later these signals can be used for applications in research applications and even games. To be placed. The maker of this device has provided several ways to connect to this module, which Arduino also supports. By purchasing the ThinkGear module, you will receive all the necessary accessories and electrodes along with a Bluetooth module for connecting to the mobile device. Also for downloading software and additional information on the brain waveform moduleSee this link .

Direct connection to the dry electrode.
One EEG channel + Reference + Ground
Very weak signal detection capability.
Enhanced high-security filter.
RAW EEGnoiseat 512Hz.

sampling rate:512Hz
Frequency range: 3-100Hz.
ESD protection. Call To discharge 4kV and 8kV Air
Maximum consumption: 15mA at 3.3V
Power supply: 2.97 ~ 3.63V
baud Rate (serial): 1200, 9600, 57600 bits per second

Package Include:
1x TGAM Brain Waves Module
1x The shield line
1x Bluetooth Module
1x Ear clip
1x The battery box
1x The electrode sheet

Electrical Parameters
Voltage DC 2.97~3.63V
Current 15mA

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