LIS3DH 3-Axis Acceleration Sensor Module [3.3V]

LIS3DH 3-Axis Acceleration Sensor Module [3.3V]
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Tags: Digital Sensor, 3 Axis Accelerator, Linear Accelerometer, 3 axis Sensor, Acceleration Sensor, Acceleration Module

The 3-axis acceleration sensor module is a modular product of a 3-axis acceleration sensor which made by semiconductor technology and micromachining technology and contained in a case, from which output wiring is led out in cabling. 
This sensor can detect three axes (Ax, Ay, and Az) simultaneously.
The LIS3DH is an ultra low-power high performance three axes linear accelerometer, belonging to the “nano” family, with digital I2C/SPI serial interface standard output. The device features ultra low-power operational modes that allow advanced power saving and smart embedded functions.
The LIS3DH has dynamically user selectable full scales of ±2g/±4g/±8g/±16g. It is capable of measuring accelerations with output data rates from 1 Hz to 5.3 kHz. The self-test capability allows the user to check the functioning of the sensor in the final application. This device may be configured to generate interrupt signals using two independent inertial wake-up/free-fall events as well as by the position of the device itself. Thresholds and timing of interrupt generators are programmable by the end-user on the fly. 
The LIS3DH has an integrated 32-level first-in, first-out (FIFO) buffer, allowing the user to store data in order to limit intervention by the host processor. 
The LIS3DH is available in a small thin plastic land grid array package (LGA) and guaranteed to operate over an extended temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C.

Built-in: Programmable state machine
Built-in: Temperature sensor
Built-in: First In First Out (FIFO)
Chip: LIS3DH
Working Voltage: 3.3V
Working Current: 2μA
ADC: 16 bit
Range: ± 2g, ± 4g, ± 8g, ± 16g
Data Rate: 1Hz ~ 5.3KHz
Interface: I2C, SPI
Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ +85 C
Pin Number: 11 Pins
Size: 29mm x 10.2mm

Package Include:
1 x CJMCU LIS3DH 3-Axis Digital Acceleration Sensor Module

Interface Type I2C , SPI
Sensor Parameters
Internal ADC 16 bit
Measuring range ± 2g , ± 4g , ± 8g ,± 16g
Electrical Parameters
Frequency 1Hz ~ 5.3KHz (Output)
Working Current 2μA
Working Voltage 3.3V
Board Parameters
Main Chip LIS3DH
Pin Count 11 Pins
Physical Parameters
Size 29mm x 10.2mm
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature -40°C ~ +85 C

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