0.95 Inch Full Color OLED Module

0.95 Inch Full Color OLED Module
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0.95 Full Color OLED Display is 0.95 inches with a resolution of the 96x64 pixels, full color (65K full color) OLED display, which is controlled by SSD1331 display driver chip. OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) is a flat light emitting technology, which is developed by placing a series of organic thin films between two conductors. By applying electricity, a bright light starts emitting. Because of not requiring a backlight and their structure nature, OLED displays are thinner, clearer, brighter, higher contrast, wider viewing angles, and more efficient than other LCDs and displays.
This 96x64 OLED display is supplied with a digital voltage, 3V up to 5V DC, and interfaces with external Arduino boards through the 6800 8-bit Parallel, 8080 8-bit Parallel, 4-wire serial SPI interfaces. This OLED display is equipped with 23 pins flat cable. Also, OLED displays have the best image quality ever, which the bright and crisp dots can easily be seen and any tiny fonts truly readable.
This 0.95inch RGB OLED has SPI interface straight/horizontal pinheader for hardware platforms such as raspberry pi, Jetson Nano and STM32 board.

0.95 inch RGB OLED display Application:

  1.  wearable devices
  2. mp3 players
  3. portable devices
  4. personal care appliances
  5. voice recorder pens
  6. smart health devices

0.95 inch RGB OLED display Features:

  1. Driver IC: SSD1331
  2. Diagonal Size: 0.95 inch
  3. Resolution: 96 x 64 Pixel
  4. Pin Number: 23
  5. Interface Type: 6800 8-bit Parallel , 8080 8-bit Parallel , 4-Wire Serial SPI
  6. Color: 65K full color
  7. Working temperature: -40 ℃ to 70℃
  8. Display Area: 20.14mm x 13.42mm
  9. Size: 24.8mm x 32.98mm x 1.28mm
Definition of SPI Connector:
  1. GND-Ground
  2. VCC-Positive Voltage
  3. SCL-Clock Line
  4. SDA-Data Line
  5. RES-Reset
  6. DC-Data/Demand
  7. CS-Chip Select


  1. SSD1331 datasheet Link
  2. 0.95 inch OLED arduino Link
Package Include:
1x OLED Display
Display Properties
Driver IC SSD1331
Resolution 96 x 64
Interface Type SPI
Physical Parameters
Size 0.95 inch

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