SOP28 to DIP28 Adapter Board

SOP28 to DIP28 Adapter Board
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The SOP28 to DIP28 converter board is an electronic board that is designed to convert the pin connections of the SOP28 substrate to the pin connections of the DIP28 substrate. This board is usually used in the electronics industry as well as in electronic device manufacturing projects.
The SOP28 to DIP28 converter board generally includes a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) board on which the SOP28 base connections are located. These connections are made using copper tracks on the PCB board. On the bottom side of the board, there are also DIP28 substrate pin connections.
To use the SOP28 to DIP28 converter board, you must connect the pins of your integrated circuit to the SOP28 substrate pin connectors on the converter board. Then connect the converter board to the DIP28 board you want. This converter board is used as an interface between different platforms to enable the use of integrated circuits with different platforms.

Electronic projects

Model: SOP28-DIP28 Pin
Pitch: 0.65 mm
Package: SOP28
Number of pins: 28
Operating temperature: -60 ℃ ~ 155 ℃

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