800x480 5 inch HDMI Display-B raspberry pi

800x480 5 inch HDMI Display-B raspberry pi
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When you design a Raspberry Pi project, you must choose the right display and screens. You may encounter with so many sizes and types of HDMI displays, resistive touch displays, TFT displays, e-ink displays and displays with cool RGB colors.

Raspberry Pi full color TFT display module with HDMI port is a 5 inch (12.7 cm) standard display with the resolution of 800 × 480 pixels.This is a mini panel-mountable HDMI monitor, with capacitive touch screen, which supports for 5-point touch control, USB touch, free drive. It's compatible with mainstream mini PCs such as Raspberry Pi, BB Black, Banana Pi. When it used as a Raspberry Pi monitor, it supports Raspbian, Ubuntu, WIN10 IOT and other systems, single touch, drive-free.

The backlight of this display can be controlled by Raspberry Pi GPIO pin 11. The design of the display makes it convenient to control the backlight when it is used in a product and power saving is required. It can be used with any computer that has an HDMI output, too.

This 5 inch HDMI TFT LCD touch screen is specially designed for the Raspberry Pi
The resolution of the LCD display is 800 x 480, you can configure the resolution via software, and the maximum resolution it supports is 1920 x 1080. It is a USB capacitive touch screen and does not require a driver. It supports five touch control, besides that, the LCD screen comes with an OSD menu adjustment function. You can adjust the contrast, brightness, and switch button. There are 9 interfaces on the back of the screen, one earphone for audio output; two touches (USB connector), for power supply and touch output; one display, an HDMI interface, for connecting the motherboard and LCD display. One power, it can control the backlight to turn on and turn off to save power. One return, it’s only useful in the OSD menu. One right/down, backlight shortcut key. One left/up, backlight shortcut key. A menu, it’s useful in the OSD setting menu, open the OSD/ select key.

5 inch LCD HDMI touch screen Application:

  1. Raspberry Pi Board systems
  2. monitoring devices
  3. audio and video control

 inch LCD HDMI touch screen Features:

  1. Type: TFT
  2. Touch Type: Capacitive touch screen
  3. Input Voltage: 3.3V , 5V
  4. Color: Full Color
  5. Screen Size: 5 inch
  6. Resolution: 800x480 Pixel
  7. Interface: HDMI Port
  8. Size: 121.11mm x 95.24mm
  9. Compatible and Direct-connect with any revision of Raspberry Pi


  1. 5 inch HDMI Display-B review Link

5 inch HDMI Display-B set Items:

  1. 1 x 5inch HDMI LCD module
  2. 1 x HDMI Cable
  3. 1 x Data DVD
  4. 1 x USB cable type A
  5. 4 x pairs of RPi screw and pillar

Display Properties
Color Full Color
Resolution 800x480 Pixel
Screen Size 5 inch
Type TFT
Touch Type Capacitive touch screen
Interface Type HDMI Port
Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 3.3V , 5V
Physical Parameters
Size 121.11mm x 95.24mm

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