1000 PCS Multi Core Wire Antenna

1000 PCS Multi Core Wire Antenna
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A multicore industrial cable is an electric cable containing multiple cores made from copper wire. To be considered multicore, a cable normally has more than the typical number of cores for that kind of cable.
By keeping the resistance in the antenna cable low, the energy is fully radiated instead of converted into heat. This makes it obvious to use a thick copper cable which has a low resistance after all. That is indeed true for direct current, but for HF other laws apply.
It supports 315, 433 and 915 MHz Antenna. These multi wires has different length according their frequencies.
outside diameter of 1.4mm
core 11 standard
Different frequencies corresponding to the length: 
315MHz: 240mm 
433MHz: 172mm 
915MHz: 82mm
Package Include:
1000 x  Wire Antenna
Electrical Parameters
Frequency 433MHz , 868MHz , 915MHz ( Optional )
Physical Parameters
Diameter 1.4mm

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