Arduino UNO Starter Kit

Arduino UNO Starter Kit
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Tags: RFID Kit, Arduino Starter Kit, Arduino Learning Kit

Package Include:
1x Breadborad
1x USB Cable
1x Arduini UNO R3
1x Remotee Control + Receiving Head
1x 1602 Blue Screen
1x Dupont Line
1x SG90 Servo Motor 
1x 5V Stepper Motor
1x HHC Small Motor
5x PN2222 Transistor
5x BC547 Transistor
5x BC557 Transistor
1x Driver Board
5x Blue LED
5x Green LED
5x Yellow LED
5x White LED
5x Red LED
1x 10K Adjustable Resistor
2x Photocell
5x 4001
1x Thermistor
1x Passive Buzzer
5x Small Button
5x 22pf Ceramic Capacitor
5x 104 ceram capacitor
2x 10uf 50V
2x 100uf 50V
1x Plastic Box
1x 9V 1A Power Supply
10x 220R
10x 200R
10x 100R
10x 100K
10x 1K
10x 2K
10x 5.1K
10x 10K
10x 1R
10x 20K
1x 9V Battery Plug
1x 5V 1ch Relay
1x 8x8 Dot Matrix
1x Four Digital Tubes
1x Digital Tube
1x 595 IC
1x Max7219 IC
1x L293D IC
1x 605c
1x Black Rocker Switch
1x SR04 Sensor
1x 1x40 Pin Header
1x RC522 Module
1x RFID S50 Tag
Physical Parameters
Weight 620g

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