Arduino UNO Starter Kit

Arduino UNO Starter Kit
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This is a multifunctional kit based on Arduino development board. It includes many of the most popular accessories for DIY projects : like Breadboard, Jumper wires, Color LEDs, Resistors, RFID tags, etc. When you get the kit, you can follow the tutorial to do experiments without buying any other additional components. The kit can help you learn Arduino programming and learn how to make interesting projects. 

This arduino kit includes UNO borad with different elements and module. This kit helps you to improve programming based on Arduino.

Arduino UNO Starter Kit Application:

  1. education
  2. small ardunio projects

Arduino starter kit:

  1. 1x Breadborad
  2. 1x USB Cable
  3. 1x Arduini UNO R3
  4. 1x Remotee Control + Receiving Head
  5. 1x 1602 Blue Screen
  6. 1x Dupont Line
  7. 1x SG90 Servo Motor
  8. 1x 5V Stepper Motor
  9. 1x HHC Small Motor
  10. 5x PN2222 Transistor
  11. 5x BC547 Transistor
  12. 5x BC557 Transistor
  13. 1x Driver Board
  14. 5x Blue LED
  15. 5x Green LED
  16. 5x Yellow LED
  17. 5x White LED
  18. 5x Red LED
  19. 1x 10K Adjustable Resistor
  20. 2x Photocell
  21. 5x 4001
  22. 1x Thermistor
  23. 1x Passive Buzzer
  24. 5x Small Button
  25. 5x 22pf Ceramic Capacitor
  26. 5x 104 ceram capacitor
  27. 2x 10uf 50V
  28. 2x 100uf 50V
  29. 1x Plastic Box
  30. 1x 9V 1A Power Supply
  31. 10x 220R
  32. 10x 200R
  33. 10x 100R
  34. 10x 100K
  35. 10x 1K
  36. 10x 2K
  37. 10x 5.1K
  38. 10x 10K
  39. 10x 1R
  40. 10x 20K
  41. 1x 9V Battery Plug
  42. 1x 5V 1ch Relay
  43. 1x 8x8 Dot Matrix
  44. 1x Four Digital Tubes
  45. 1x Digital Tube
  46. 1x 595 IC
  47. 1x Max7219 IC
  48. 1x L293D IC
  49. 1x 605c
  50. 1x Black Rocker Switch
  51. 1x SR04 Sensor
  52. 1x 1x40 Pin Header
  53. 1x RC522 Module
  54. 1x RFID S50 Tag


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