RCWL-0513 microwave motion detection radar module

RCWL-0513 microwave motion detection radar module
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RCWL-0513 is a microwave sensor module which adopts Doppler radar technology and specializes in detecting the movement of objects.
It adopts 3G microwave signal detection, built-in MOS (3A), and can directly drive external LED lights or loads with input voltage up to 30V.
Microwave sensing is a new dead-end, based on the Doppler radar principle of sensing mode.
Compared with infrared induction, microwave induction has a longer distance, wide angle, no dead zone, and can penetrate glass and thin wood panels; it is not affected by environment, temperature, dust, etc.
In the case of 37 degrees, the sensing distance will not be shortened. Widely used in a variety of human body induction lighting and burglar alarm, etc.!

GND: Electrically
Induction: MOS on, internal and ground conduction No induction: internal MOS open
VCC: 3-40V power supply
Trigger control signal:
Less than 0.7V, the output is always low.
Greater than 0.7V, normal operation
CDS pin external photoresistor, can tum off the module detection function during the day.
Internal pull-up resistance 1M to VCC

1. Adopt lead-free technology
2. Adjustable sensing distance and repeat trigger time
3. Widely used in building lights, induction lights, solar lights, ultraviolet lamps, bathroom induction lights, human motion induction, etc.
4. Microwave induction module specializing in detecting the movement of objects
5. The module has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high reliability, large sensing angle, wide working voltage, etc.

Working voltage: 3-30V
Working current: 2.5mA
Operating frequency: 3GHz
Built-in 3AMOS
Chip and direct plug CDS interface reserved
Typical sensing range
Sensing distance adjustable
Lead-free process
Repeat trigger time adjustable
15m Typical sensing range
Building lights, sensor lights, solar lights
Ultraviolet light, bathroom sensor light
Human motion sensor

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