R301T Semiconductor Fingerprint Module

R301T Semiconductor Fingerprint Module
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Tags: Semiconductor Fingerprint, Fingerprint Identification, Fingerprint Sensor, Fingerprint Module, FingerPrint Scanner

fingerprint reader R301 (semiconductor)
Interface: USB and RS232 (TTL)
Communications baud rate (UART): (9600 × N) bps where N = 1 ~ 12 (default N = 6, ie 57600bps)
Fingerprint reader module size: 33.4 * 22.4 (mm)
Effective collection area: 10 * 10 (mm)
ScanningSpeed < 0.2 second
Verification Speed < 0.3 second
Matching Method: 1:1; 1:N
Resolution 508 DPI
Voltage :DC 4.2-6.0V
FRR (False Rejection Ratio): ≤0.01%
FAR (False Acceptance Ratio): ≤0.0001%
Fingerprint capacity:500(Default)
Antistatic capacity: 15KV
Abrasive resistance intensity: 1 million times
Peak power consumption: 100 mA
Work environment: -25°C ---50°C
Work Humidity: 0-90%

Package Include:
1x Fingerprint Module
Scanner Properties
Resolution 508 DPI
Electrical Parameters
Voltage DC 4.2-6.0V

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