PW05 serial port Bluetooth module, two-mode transmission BLE5.2 + SPP3.0

PW05 serial port Bluetooth module, two-mode transmission BLE5.2 + SPP3.0
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Product introduction:

The PW05 Bluetooth module is a new generation of industrial-grade dual-mode Bluetooth 5.2 module independently developed by Pengwei IoT . It is based on the BLE5.2+SPP3.0 protocol standard, integrates master and slave, and has full-duplex bidirectional transparent transmission of serial Bluetooth data.
This module software is based on the Bluetooth 5.2 protocol architecture, and its performance such as data transmission speed has been greatly improved. Developers can use AT commands to modify the module name, set the module broadcast cycle, set the transmit power, serial port transmission baud rate, restart the module, modify the module MAC address, query the connection signal strength, query the module's underlying software version number, and turn on and off the module broadcast. wait. It is very convenient for developers to develop their own products according to their needs.
This module has the characteristics of ultra-low power consumption, small size, long transmission distance, and strong anti-interference ability. This module is equipped with a board-level high-performance snake antenna, and can also be connected to an external antenna according to customer needs. The external connection method is an immersed gold half-hole format open to customers.
This module has excellent compatibility and supports Android , Apple iOS , HarmonyOS and other mobile phones, tablets, and computers. It can be widely used in 2.4G low-power Bluetooth systems for data collection, transmission, and control, which can improve the reliability of operations. Improving signal transmission distance and anti-interference can also solve interoperability problems between different electronic products, and battery life can be significantly extended.

Functions and applications:
● Serial port Bluetooth data full-duplex two-way transparent transmission
● Ultra-low power consumption, can be used in battery-powered devices to maximize battery life
● Ultra-long transmission distance, interconnection between modules to transmit data
● Industrial grade, -40 ℃ -+85 ℃, wide operating temperature range, adaptable to various harsh application environments
●Master-slave integration, interconnection between modules to transmit data
● Highly cost-effective Bluetooth solution
It can be widely used in consumer electronics, industrial control, instrumentation, automotive electronics, medical electronics, security equipment, smart homes, wearable devices, mobile phone peripherals, household appliances, home and building automation, production automation, remote control switches, smart Door locks, remote controls, anti-lost devices, smart bracelets, sports watches, shared bicycles, bicycle sensors, treadmills, gym equipment, toys, smart meters, water meters, heart rate monitors, blood glucose meters, blood pressure meters, vital sign monitoring, Thermometers, pedometers, electronic scales, attendance machines, alarms, health and medical equipment, fitness equipment, beauty equipment, access switches, smart scooters, electronic shelf labels, trackers, luggage tags, logistics, asset tracking management, remote Temperature monitors, metal detectors, sensor data collection and other equipment.

Transmission distance: up to 100 meters or more, the module transmit power needs to be adjusted, and the anti-interference is strong
Working frequency band: 2.4G-2.48GHz
Transmit power: maximum 10dBm (power can be changed through AT command)
Receive sensitivity: -99dBm @ BLE 1 Mbps, -96dBm @ BLE 2 Mbps
Frequency error: ±30khz
Operating temperature: -40℃ ~ +85℃ (industrial grade)
Storage temperature: -55℃ ~ +125℃
Operating voltage: 2.2-3.3V

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