PCA9515A two-channel I2C / SMBus switch module

PCA9515A two-channel I2C / SMBus switch module
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The PCA9515A module is a BiCMOS integrated circuit for I2C bus and SMBus systems and includes two identical bidirectional open-drain buffer circuits that allow I2C and similar bus systems to expand without degrading system performance.
The PCA9515A buffers both serial data (SDA) and serial clock (SCL) signals on the I4C bus, while maintaining all I2C system operating modes and functions, also allowing for dual bus Connect with 400pF capacitance in an I2C application.
The PCA9515A switch module has an internal pull-up active-high (EN) input that allows the user to select when the repeater is active; This feature can be used to isolate a slave with poor power-up behavior.
The PCA9515A can also be used to operate with two buses: one at 5V interface levels and one at 3.3V interface levels, or one at 400kHz operating frequency and one at 100kHz operating frequency. If the two buses operate at different frequencies, the 100 kHz bus must be isolated when the 400 kHz operation of the other bus is required. When the master is operating at 400 kHz, the maximum system operating frequency may be less than 400 kHz due to delays added by the repeater.


Operating Temperature Range:-40 celsius~85 celsius
Max Frequency:400KHz
Channel Width:2
5V Tolerant I/O:yes
Board Size:18.5*13.5mm
Two-Channel Bidirectional Buffers
I2C Bus And SMBus Compatible
Active-High Repeater-Enable Input
Open Drain I2C I/O
5.5V Tolerant I2C I/O And Enable Input Support Mixed-Mode Signal Operation

PCA9515A module datasheet

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