Battery Powered Mini Tesla Coil Module

Battery Powered Mini Tesla Coil Module
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This mini Tesla coil module is supplied by three AAA batteries or an equivalent 4.5V power supply. A Tesla coil is an electrical resonant transformer circuit, invented by Nikolai Tesla in 1891, which operates on resonance principle, to produce an ultra-high-voltage, but with low current and high-frequency AC power. The Tesla coil isn't just a coil, it is a set of two groups of resonant coil base circuits coupled (sometimes three groups). The Tesla coil makes a high temperature and high-pressure plasma, which can sing, ignition, wireless transmission, and light fluorescent lamp.
In this new type of Tesla coil, the primary coil is replaced by RLC circuit on the PCB board, which makes it easier to develope, highly efficient and takes less space. The mini Tesla coil is safe and an interesting tool to make small production of scientific experiments.
Tesla coils may be used for innovative experiments such as electrical lighting, fluorescence spectrum, X-ray, high frequency alternating current phenomenon, Electrotherapy and radio energy transmission, transceiving radio signals.

Enameled wire diameter: 0.13 mm (with paint 0.15 mm)
Skeleton material: PVC pipe
Skeleton outer diameter: 2 cm
Skeleton height: about 4 cm
Number of turns: 200 laps
Winding direction: clockwise from bottom to top
Material: PVC
Input Voltage: 4.5V

Don't touch the top of the coil arc, you may experience a burn feeling.
Don't approximate cell phones, mp3 and other electronic equipment close to the coil, may be damaged because of the high-frequency magnetic field interference.

Package Include:
1 x Tesla module
1 x Battery case

Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage DC 4.5V
Physical Parameters
Weight 36g
Material PVC

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