15W Mini Music Tesla Coil Kit

15W Mini Music Tesla Coil Kit
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15W Mini Music Plasma Speaker Tesla Coil Kit [15 - 24V] is a fully electronic component set of a disassembled 15 wats musical Tesla coil. After easily montaging, the mini Tesla coil should be supplied with a 15V up to 24V, Current 2A DC, via DC5.5 Interface power supply, then it produces 5- 0 mm electric arc lighting, can light the fluorescent lamp, and even acts as a sound speaker. The output sound of phones, MP3 players, and so on can be applied to the 3.5mm audio in jack of the Tesla coil, then the sound is played through the vibration of air surrounding the coil.
A Tesla coil is an electrical resonant transformer circuit, invented by Nikolai Tesla in 1891, which operates on resonance principle, to produce an ultra-high-voltage, but with low current and high-frequency AC power. The Tesla coil isn't just a coil, it is a set of two groups of resonant coil base circuits coupled (sometimes three groups). The Tesla coil makes a high temperature and high-pressure plasma, to: 
Electric arc function: the traverse of the rear end will produce an arc. The arc can also ignite. 
Septum light function: the coil plasma can stimulate the fluorescent material like an electricity power, and so light the fluorescent lamp apart.      
Music playback function: the high-pressure plasma of the coil can stimulate and vibrate air surrounding the coil, to make a sound. It is a new concept for a loudspeaker. 
By progressing electronic technology, the primary coil of the Tesla coil is replaced with an RLC circuit on the PCB board, to reduce space, hazardous, cost, power dissipation, developing complications. Thus the mini Tesla coil becomes suitable to make small productions of scientific experiments.
This Tesla coil can be used for innovative and educational experiments such as electric arc lighting, fluorescence spectrum, X-ray, high frequency alternating current phenomenon, Electrotherapy and radio energy transmission, transceiving radio signals.

Supply Voltage: 15-24V
Current: 2A
Power Interface: DC 5.5 
Audio input: 3.5mm jack
Voice format: MP3

Product safety, power is not high, does not touch the top of the arc coil (there will be a burning feel).
After long time operating,  does not touch the heat sink (the temperature is very high, especially when using a huge 24V high-voltage heat, reserve a fan interface, plus cooling fan if necessary).
It is not recommended to work on the body or other objects near the coil Tesla coil, the coil within half a meter next to other objects cannot be left blank, because other objects such as a good conductor coil will form a good Loop, coil to absorb energy, then pull the coil or unable to Water demonstrate the effect of the demo variation! please, note; 
Do not close the phone, mp3, and other electronic equipment to the coil, the coil generates a high-frequency magnetic field would interfere with these mobile phones, mp3, and other equipment failure or damage! 

Package Included: 
1 x 15W Music Tesla Coil Parts

Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 15-24V
Power 15W
Physical Parameters
Size 38m x 79mm
Weight 77g
Ports And Jumpers
Power DC 5.5 
Audio Input 3.5mm

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