XY-PWM1_T Adjustable PWM Signal Generator [1Hz-150KHz]

XY-PWM1_T Adjustable PWM Signal Generator [1Hz-150KHz]
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Tags: PWM Generator, Adjustable Signal Generator, Square Wave Generator, Signal Generator

A signal generator is an electronic device that generates repeating or non-repeating electronic signals in either the analog or the digital domain. 
PWM is a technique to provide logic ‘0’ and logic ‘1’ for a controlled period of time. 
It is a signal source that involves the modulation of its duty cycle to control the amount of power sent to the load. In PWM, the time period of the square wave is kept constant and the time for which the signal remains HIGH is varied.
PWM signals are widely used for control applications. Like controlling DC motors, control valves, pumps, hydraulics, heating systems with slow times 10 to 100Hz or higher, DC electric motors 5 to10KHz, power supplies or audio amplifiers 20 to 200 KHz.

Working Voltage: 3.3V ~ 30V
Frequency Range: Normal Mode: 1Hz ~ 150KHz  Fine Mode:1Hz~15KHz
Duty Cycle Range: 0.00%-100%
Frequency Accuracy: the accuracy in each range is about 2%
Signal Load Capacity: the output current can be about 5mA ~ 30mA
Output Amplitude: PWM amplitude equal to the supply voltage
Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ +70°C
Dual-mode, duty-free step 0.1% in fine mode LCD display frequency and duty cycle very clear, PWM output can be set to the frequency and duty cycle
With locking function, prevent misoperation
Wide frequency range, high precision
Interface: Serial (TTL)

1.Connect to the power supply
2.Press rotary switch for 10second to switch Normal mode and Precise mode
3.Short press rotary switch to set frequency and change value by rotating the switch
4.Press rotary switch for 2 seconds to set the duty cycle
5. Keep press for 5second to lock set parameters
7. Remove power and connect the load to use module.

Communication standard:
9600 bps Data bits: 8
Stop bit: 1
Control digit: none
Flow control: none

1. Set frequency of PWM
"F101": Set the frequency to 101 HZ (001 to 999)
"F1.05": set frequency 1.05 KHZ (1.00 ~ 9.99)
"F10.5": Set the frequency to 10.5 KHZ (10.0 ~ 99.9)
"F1.0.5": Set the frequency of 105 KHZ (1.0.0 ~ 1.5.0)
Note: This mode, maximum frequency of 15.0 KHz
2. Set PWM duty cycle
Normal Mode:
"DXXX": set PWM duty cycle for XXX; (001 ~ 100)
Like D050, set PWM duty cycle 50%
Slim Mode:
"DXX. X": set to PWM duty cycle XX. x; (0.1 ~ 100)
Like D20.8, set PWM duty cycle 20.8%
3. Read the set parameters
To send a "read" to read the string set parameters.
4. Modify Mode
"MODE0": Normal Mode
"MODU1": Fine Mode
Set successfully return: DOWN;
Setup failed return: FALL.

1. Square wave signal generator for experimental development and control motor drives
2. Generate adjustable pulse for MCU usage and control related circuits (PWM dimming and speed regulation applications)

Package Include:
1 x Adjustable Pwm Signal Generator [XY-PWM1]

Interface Type Serial (TTL)
Electrical Parameters
Frequency Normal Mode: 1Hz ~ 150KHz,  Fine Mode:1Hz~15KHz
Output Current 5mA ~ 30mA
Working Voltage 3.3V ~ 30V
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature -20°C ~ +70°C

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