Schumann Pulse Generator Module [7.83Hz]

Schumann Pulse Generator Module [7.83Hz]
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Tags: Square Wave Generator, Low Frequency Generator, Wave Generator, Pulse Generator

This is a 7.83Hz Ultra-low Frequency Schumann Wave Pulse Generator With Switch Automation Motors Drives.
Schumann Resonators are little boxes you plug into the wall that produces electromagnetic radiation tuned to 7.83 Hz. This is the frequency that the earth/atmosphere system “rings” when the Earth is struck by lightning. It is also a common frequency your brain “ticks” at.
The product adopts a high-quality control chip and the frequency of a low-frequency pulse wave which is stable. The specific 7.83Hz ultra-low frequency waves help to improve sleep, alleviate fatigue and restore physical and mental health. 

Model: CF-FM783-BA
Frequency: 7.83Hz
Input Voltage: 5V (Android charging cable)
Battery: Polymer 1400mah
Charging Time: Charging current 250mA, 6 hours full of electricity
Battery Life: Full power can be used for more than 100 hours
Working Current: 7mA
Size: 68mm x 52mm x 12mm

Schumann wave applied to HIFI:
1. The player has a certain HIFI experience, the HIFI equipment level can not be too low.
2. Can hear, the difference between the same system on the different wire to bring the tone changes.
3. It is recommended to buy two sets of the trial (the effect is better).
4. when the product will be placed on the speaker, plus the appropriate weight for anti-vibration treatment.

Schumann wave applied to sleep:
1. It is recommended to buy a set of trials, on a bedside, more than 1 meter away from the human body distance.
2. The trial, plus the appropriate weight for anti-vibration treatment.
3. The appropriate use of paper cloth block indicator light, remove the product at night light
4. Try it for a week and analyze seven days of experience.

Package Included:
1 x Pulse Generator
1 x USB Cable

Electrical Parameters
Frequency 7.83Hz
Input Voltage 5V (android charging cable)
Working Current 7mA
Battery Polymer 1400mah
Battery Life full power can be used for more than 100 hours
Physical Parameters
Size 68mm x 52mm x 12mm

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