AD9833 Signal Generator Module [0Hz-12.5MHz]

AD9833 Signal Generator Module [0Hz-12.5MHz]
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Tags: Sine Wave Generator, Triangle Wave Generator, Square Wave Generator, Programmable Waveform Generator, AD9833

AD9833 Signal Generator Module [0Hz-12.5MHz] is a programmable sine, triangle, and square waveform generator with a 12.5MHz frequency clock, which is based on AD9833 CMOS complete DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) chip. This chip is a tiny chip with 25MHz speed and with consuming 20 mW at 3V is a  low power chip. The AD9833 chip has a sleep mode to power down while it is not working, which results in less current drawing from the power supply and less power consumption. This chip works with a 12.5MHz sin wave as a reference clock, which can digitally make with a precision low precision resistor and decoupling capacitors. This chip has these main parts of  NCO (Numerical Controlled Oscillator), Frequency and Phase Modulators, SIN ROM, DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter), and a regulator.
This module can produce three different waveforms with a frequency range of 0.1MHz up to 12.5MHz. The output signal frequency, waveform, and phase can be adjusted and programmed through the software. Thus this module is an easily adjustable waveform with the stepping accuracy 0.1Hz, through three serial interfaces to write program data. It can be supplied with a 2.3V-5.5V voltage and interface with microcontrollers projects such as distribution STM32, STM8, STC, and other typical microcontrollers via an SPI. This module can widely be used in many technology areas of measurement, triggering, and time domain response.

Chip: AD9833
Onboard 25MHZ (accuracy of 50ppm) active crystal, stepping accuracy 0.1HZ
On-board high-speed amplifiers 300M and also has low-pass filtering
The two-channel output signal, an original signal output, an amplified output signal
Frequency: 0Hz ~ 12.5MHz
Working voltage: 2.3V ~ 5.5V
Output Impedance: 50Ohm
Interface: SPI
Temperature: -40℃ ~ +105℃
Size: 32mm x 32mm

Package Include:
1 x AD9833 Signal Generator Module

Interface Type SPI
Electrical Parameters
Frequency 0Hz ~ 12.5MHz
Working Voltage 2.3V ~ 5.5V
Output Impedance 50Ohm
Board Parameters
Main Chip AD9833
Physical Parameters
Operating Temperature -40℃ ~ +105℃
Size 32mm x 32mm

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