YL69 Soil Moisture Sensor Relay Module [12V] [10A]

YL69 Soil Moisture Sensor Relay Module [12V] [10A]
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Tags: Single Channel Relay, 10A Relay, 12V Relay, Single Channel switch, Garden Automatic Watering, Moisture Sensor, Soil Moisture Sensor

This is a simple water sensor can be used to detect the moisture of the soil, when the soil water deficit, the relay is switched off, and vice versa relay. It can be used to produce an automatic watering device.
Adjust the soil humidity control threshold through the potentiometer, which can automatically water the vegetable garden, garden, soil moisture in household flower pots, various electronic games, etc., with high-power relays, which can control high-current equipment, less than The fixed-humidity automatic start relay pull-in is greater than the set-humidity automatic disconnection and has a time-delay function.
It solves the problem of non-delayed humidity critical state relays flickering continuously. It is a simple and practical soil humidity control system.

Sensor: YL-69 
Channel: Single Channel
Control Voltage: 12V 
Control Current : 100mA
Load Voltage: 250V AC, 30V DC
Load Current: 10A
Sensitivity adjustable: Blue digital potentiometer adjustment on PCB board 
Fixed bolt hole for easy installation 
Power indication Lamp (red) and relay suction and indicator light (green) 

Package Include:
1 x Soil humidity sensor
1 x Relay Control Module 
1x Dupont 2P Line      

Electrical Parameters
Channels Single Channel
Control Current 100mA
Control Voltage 12V
Load Current 10A
Load Voltage 250V AC, 30V DC
Physical Parameters
Size 62.5mm x 35mm

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