DC 12V Infinite Cycle Delay Timing Relay Module

DC 12V Infinite Cycle Delay Timing Relay Module
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Tags: Timer Relay, Single Channel Relay, 12V Relay Infinite Cycle Relay

This is a cycle delay timer module with LED display. The infinite cycle delay timing relay module adopts MCU as the main chip, so it has high timer precision and reliable performance. It's working voltage is DC 12V and the working current is 50mA. You can use it to control the reciprocating stroke, or repetitive power on and off for equipment and products burn-in test.

This 1channel timing relay receives a trigger signal to start the countdown, while the relay, timing the end of the relay to stop working, time to recover to the set, waiting for the next trigger.

It features anti-reverse voltage input circuit, worry-free wiring. Signal input optocoupler isolation, anti-interference ability. Set the parameters of power and permanent memory.

12V Delay Off timer relay Application:
  1. timer operating equipment
  2. repetitive testing circuit
  3. fish tank intermittent pump

12V Automotiva timer switchFeatures:

  1. Channel: 1 Channel
  2. Output Voltage: DC: 5V ~ 30V , AC: 220V
  3. Output Current: 10A
  4. Quiescent Current: 20mA
  5. Working Current: 50mA
  6. Control Voltage: 12V(fluctuate between 10V~16V won't be affected)
  7. Operating Temperature: -40℃ ~ 85℃
  8. Size: 65mm x 36mm x 18mm


  1. 12v timer delay module working Link
Electrical Parameters
Channels Single Channel
Output Current 10A
Output Voltage DC: 5V ~ 30V , AC: 220V
Working Current 50mA
Control Voltage 12V
Physical Parameters
Operating Temperature -40℃ ~ 85℃
Size 65mm x 36mm x 18mm

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