5 PCS 1 Channel Photoresistor Light Control Relay Module [12V] [10A]

5 PCS 1 Channel Photoresistor Light Control Relay Module [12V] [10A]
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Tags: 12V Relay, Single Channel Relay, Light Control Relay, 10A Relay, Photoresistor Relay, Photosensitive Resistor

This module can be used for light detection, brightness detection, with power indicator (red) and relay pull-in indicator (blue), and with four M3 screw mounting holes, greatly facilitate the installation, the board can be adjusted by potentiometer Sensitivity, built-in relay, do a variety of brightness detection control switch, can be used, such as lights, etc., automatically open at night, during the day automatically extinguished, and other types of equipment need to be automated.

The light threshold can be adjusted by Potentiometer to set the relay start
Control Voltage:12V
Output Voltage: 250Vac , 30VDC
Output Current: 10A
RED LED ON: Indicate the Power ON
BLUE LED ON: Relay is working
Module output terminal has three ports
Size: 50mm x 30mm x 18mm

Relay Pinouts:
Normally open ( NO )
Common terminal ( COM )
Normally closed ( NC )

Package Include:
5 x 12V Light Control Relay Module
5 x LDR Sensor Cable

Electrical Parameters
Channels Single Channel
Output Current 10A
Output Voltage 250Vac , 30VDC
Control Voltage 12V
Physical Parameters
Size 50mm x 30mm x 18mm

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