PLP 450nm 1.6W Laser Diode [5V]

PLP 450nm 1.6W Laser Diode [5V]
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PLP B450 TO-18 Blue Laser Diode (PLP B450) [1.6W] [450nm] is a 1600mW high power blue laser diode with 450nm wavelength, which is packed as TO-18 package shaped, with 3 terminals, anode, cathode, and body (can be free and not used). It can be supplied just under 5V dc with the maximum current of 1.5A.

A laser diode, (LD), an injection laser diode (ILD), or diode laser, at first is a diode, which is built based on semiconductor P-N junction. Thus it is like an LED diode, instead of making based on two similar semiconductors (silicon or germanium) semiconductor N and P-layers, it is built based on a composed metal-semiconductor such as Gallium Arsenide or Indium Phosphate (two different materials) high dopped N and P-layers, which is formed a thin gap between these 2 layers to emit photons. Depends on metal material of the P and N layers, these emitted photon has a different spectrum, in LEDs. In LED this spectrum is wider than the laser diode. In fact, all emitted photons of the laser diode should have just a specific wavelength. The power of laser diode covers a wide range from mW up to hundreds of watts or even multi kW (by stacking some laser diode). So the laser diodes can widely be used from CD drives to engrave or cut solid objects.

Two big challenge of laser diodes working is proper heat control and supply. Because of its designation, heat can dissipate via base plate, so for using this laser diode is necessary to perfectly conduct (export) producing heat from base to the body, through a proper interconnection and heat sink. Also, the laser diode can't be supplied with a simple voltage regulator. They need a precision current source for supplying, too.

The laser diode is highly ESD sensitive (Don't touch it without ESD protection tools) Because of high power laser, while working, it can be harmful, especially for eyes. Do not use in combustible environment to avoid fire and explosion. Prevent children against exposure to this laser product.

450nm 1.6w laser diode Application:

  1. Projection
  2. Metrology
  3. Stage lighting

450nm 1.6w laser diode Features:

  1. Model: PLP B450
  2. Operating voltage: <6.5V
  3. Laser wavelength: 450nm
  4. Output power: 1.6W
  5. Working current: <1.5A
  6. Color: Blue
  7. Package: TO-18 (5.6mm)
  8. Size: 5.6mm x 10mm


  1. 1.6w laser diode datasheet Link
  2. PLP B450 TO-18 Blue Laser Diode Link
Laser Features
Power 1.6W
wavelength 450nm
Color Blue
Component Features
Package TO-18 (5.6mm)
Pin Number 3 Pin
Electrical Parameters
Operating Voltage <6.5V
Working Current <1.5A
Physical Parameters
Size 5.6mm x 10mm

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