4x4 Matrix Keypad Module [16CH] [10 Pin]

4x4 Matrix Keypad Module [16CH] [10 Pin]
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Tags: 16 Channel Keypad, Button Keypad, Matrix Keypad, Keypad, Keypad Module

A keypad is a set of buttons arranged in a block or "pad" which bear digits, symbols or alphabetical letters. Pads mostly containing numbers are called a numeric keypad.
Punch in your secret key into this numeric matrix keypad. This keypad has 16 buttons, arranged in a telephone-line 4x4 grid. The keys are connected into a matrix, so you only need 8 microcontroller pins (4-columns and 4-rows) to scan through the pad. It offers 0-9 numerals, A-D letters, and standard star(*) and hash(#) symbols.
4X4 KEYPAD MODULES are available in different sizes and shapes. But they all have the same pin configuration. It is easy to make 4X4 KEYPAD by arranging 16 buttons in matrix formation by yourself.

Channel: 16 Channel
Pin Number: 10 Pins
Size: 66mm x 64mm

Package Include:
1 x Matrix Keypad Module

Electrical Parameters
Channels 16 channel
Board Parameters
Pin Count 10 Pins
Physical Parameters
Size 66mm x 64mm

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