AD8221AR Precision Amplifier Module

AD8221AR Precision Amplifier Module
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The CJMCU AD8221AR Precision Instrumentation Amplifier Module is developed based on an OP-AMP chip, named AD8221. This chip is a high precision and low noise OP-AMP, result in high performance instrumentation amplifier which achieves the highest CMRR over frequency between other classmate OP-AMPs. The user can change and set the gain of the AD8221 by changing an external resistor from 1 up to 1000. 
Such precision and low-noise OP-AMPs can be used with very weak signals, so they are suitable to use with sensing condition such as temperature sensing, pressure sensing, light sensing, etc. The weak signal of such sensor and gages, before applying to other devices such as an ADC (analog-to-digital converter), must be gained by such precision and low-noise OP-AMPs. In this mode, these two special OP-AMP features, the input offset voltage and the input voltage noise are essential. Therefore, this module can be used in design and develop many sensors or gages projects such as weight scales, industrial process controls, bridge amplifiers, precision data acquisition systems, medical instrumentation, strain gages, transducer interfaces.

    Wide power supply range: ±23 V to ±18 V
    Temperature range of specified performance: −40°C to +85°C
    Operates up to 125°C
    Excellent AC specifications
         80 dB minimum CMRR to 10 kHz (G = 1)
         825 kHz, –3 dB bandwidth (G = 1)
         2 V/µs slew rate
    Low noise
         8 /√Hz, @ 1 kHz, maximum input voltage noise
         0.25 µV p-p input noise (0.1 Hz to 10 Hz) 
    High accuracy DC performance (AD8221BR)
         90 dB minimum CMRR (G = 1)
         25 µV maximum input offset voltage
         0.3 µV/°C maximum input offset drift
         0.4 maximum input bias current

    Package Include:
    1 x Amplifier Module

    Electrical Parameters
    Input Voltage ±2.3 V to ±18 V
    Power 200 mW (Internal Power Dissipation)
    Board Parameters
    Main Chip AD8221
    Physical Parameters
    Weight 2g
    Environmental Conditions and Safety
    Operating Temprature −40°C to +85°C (maximum −40°C to +125°C)

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