USB 3.1 Type C Female Breakout Board

USB 3.1 Type C Female Breakout Board
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USB 3.1 generally refers to the latest USB data transfer standard while USB Type-C is for a new USB connector type. A USB Type-C port is not necessary to support USB 3.1 data transfer. A USB 3.1 cable is not necessary to have a Type-C connector for the cable assembly. USB 3.1 is a generational number that mostly refers to the data transfer speed of the USB connector, not its shape or size.
Breakout boards are common electrical components that take a bundled cable and “break out” each conductor to a terminal that can easily accept a hook-up wire for distribution to another device. They are a common item in electronic projects and enable easy, clean installation of electronic devices.
Usually, breakout boards utilize a tiny version of an integrated circuit called an SMD (surface mounted device). The pins on SMD parts are really small – not something you can easily pop into a breadboard. If you plan to use a DIP component over and over, the usable life of the pins is only so long – the pins on a breakout board, however, are heavy-duty and designed for reuse.
This Breakout Board can deliver 10Gbps of throughput while up to 2A current can be drawn over 5V.

Port: USB 3.1 Type C Female
Pin Number: 10 Pad
Size: 15mm x 14.5mm

Package Include:
1 x  USB 3.1 Type C Female Socket Breakout

Board Parameters
Pin Count 10 Pad
Ports USB 3.1 Type C Female
Physical Parameters
Size 15mm x 14.5mm

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