5 PCS USB 3.0 Female Breakout Board

5 PCS USB 3.0 Female Breakout Board
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This is the 3rd version of USB which is used for interfacing computers and electronic devices. It can be transformed into a conventional DIP2.54mm pin.
This connector is also backward-compatible with USB 2.0, so you can plug a USB 2.0 peripheral into a USB 3.0 port and it will function properly. The devices that adhere to the USB 3.0 standard can theoretically transmit data at a maximum rate of 5 Gbps. This is in stark contrast to previous USB standards, like USB 2.0, that at best can only transmit data at 480 Mbps or USB 1.1 that tops out at 12 Mbps. USB 3.0 is full-duplex and USB 2.0 is half-duplex so it gives USB 3.0 a potential total bidirectional bandwidth twenty times greater than USB 2.0. 

USB 3.0 reduces a user waiting times dramatically. A full high definition movie can transfer in just 70 seconds. USB 3.0’s increased power output of 900 milliamps is enough to power multiple devices, and more than enough to power any single device.

USB Version: USB 3.0
Model: Female Head USB to DIP Adapter
Pitch: 2.54mm
Pin Number: 9 Pins
PCB Size: 25mm x 20mm

Package Include:
5 x USB 3.0 Female Head Socket to DIP

Board Parameters
Pin Count 9 Pins
Ports USB 3.0 Female
Physical Parameters
Size 25mm x 20mm
Pitch 2.54mm

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