PCA9306 2-bit bidirectional voltage level converter module

PCA9306 2-bit bidirectional voltage level converter module
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The 9306 module is a two-way I2C and SMBus voltage level translator with one enable (EN) input and is ready to operate from 1.2-V to 3.3-V VREF1 and 1.8-V to 5.5-V VREF2.
In the whole application of voltage level converters, the connection between two circuits with different logical voltage levels. These modules are used as interfaces between devices or modules with different voltage levels to establish a correct and reliable connection between them.
Low internal resistance enables lower signal propagation delay. It is also possible to enable two i2c devices with different communication rates to achieve normal communication, such as 400 kHz on one side of the converter and 100 kHz on the other side. But the maximum communication rate of the system is slightly less than 100 kHz. Due to the small signal propagation delay, the device is mainly used to work with SMBUS devices and standard mode, fast mode and super fast mode along with i2c bus devices. The maximum frequency depends on the RC time constant, but usually supports more than 2 MHz.
The iic level shifter cannot physically isolate the capacitor on both sides of the bus. The bus capacitance on both sides should be limited to 400 pf. If it is exceeded, an IIC bus buffer repeater must be connected. The pca9306 can only isolate the two sides when the device is inactive, and provides a voltage level change when active. It is more advantageous than the discrete transistor voltage conversion solution because the switch is symmetrically constructed and provides an excellent ESD converter for low voltage devices. Protection In the protection of low ESD devices, scl and sda devices are open discharge output devices.

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VCC: 0V ~ 5.5V
Chip working reference voltage: 5.5V ~ 0V: Vref1, Vref2
Working environment temperature: -40 to 85 degrees Celsius
Maximum release delay: less than 1.5 seconds
I2C-bus I/O ports (SCL1, SDA1, SCL2 and SDA2) with open drain
5V tolerant I2C-bus I/O ports to support mixed-mode signal operation
SCL1, SDA1, SCL2 and SDA2 pins are high impedance for EN = LOW

PCA9306 module datasheet

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