ESP8266 WiFi Module Wih 18650 Battery Slot

ESP8266 WiFi Module Wih 18650 Battery Slot
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The development board integrates the ESP8266 18650 battery. A standard LG 3000mah 18650 battery can run for 17 hours.
When you do some ESP8266 items you must be hated to add power to power. This miniature board can solve this problem. With nodeMCU, 18650 charging system integration and Indication LEDs (green means full and red means · Charging) Charge and work can be done easily at the same time.
With nodemcu.
18650 charging system integration.
Indication LED (green means full of red means · Charging) Charge and work can be done at the same time.
1 switch control power supply.
1 SMT connector available for sleep mode · 1 additional LED programmable (with gpio16 [do])
0.5a charge current
1A output
Overcharge protection
Over discharge protection
10 digital pin read / write / interrupt / PWM / I2C / line support (except D0)
1 analog input to be careful + -.
Note :
If the battery is in the wrong direction, the charging chip will be destroyed.
Package include:
1x ESP8266 Module
Electrical Parameters
Frequency 2.4GHz
Output Current 1A

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