MACH3 five-axis CNC machine controller card version 2-V3.25

MACH3 five-axis CNC machine controller card version 2-V3.25
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1. Compatible with MACH3 software. Support for Windows XP, WIN7, WIN8, WIN10, support tablet computers and 64-bit systems.
2. Provide PWM output (5V level) isolated by optocoupler to control other PWM controlled spindle speed controllers. Provides 4 output ports (5V level), which can be connected to a relay module with optocoupler to control water cooling, spraying, etc.
3. External wide voltage input, 12-24V and anti-reverse connection function.
4. All input signals are isolated by optical coupling, which can be connected to computer security with emergency stop, tool setting, limit, return to zero, etc.
5. It provides 0-10V analog voltage output isolated by optocoupler, and can control the frequency converter input through 0-10V analog voltage to control spindle speed. It can be connected to a stepper motor driver with a common anode or cathode input, a level of 5V and an optocoupler input. At the same time, a 5-axis interface cable socket (HX2.54) is provided, which is convenient for connecting the stepper motor driver.

Setting the inverter:
1. Set the inverter to external terminal start.
2. Set the inverter frequency control mode to analog (0-10V) input control.

Quickly set up the inverter:
1. The inverter does not need to be connected to the interface board first.
2. Short circuit of inverter FWD and COM and short circuit of inverter 10V and VI. Connect the spindle. (Of course, it is better to connect the potentiometer to the 10V, VI and GND of the inverter as shown in the figure).
3. Power on, if the inverter can run at the maximum speed and the spindle rotates normally, it basically means the setting is correct. (If a potentiometer is used, the speed is adjustable). Caution! Please pay attention to the polarity of the power supply and the direction of the driver. Please do not turn on/off the drivers or motors when powering on. Please disconnect all motors when adjusting the driver current.

CNC tools
Printing machines

Compatible with MACH3 software. Support Windows XP, WIN7, WIN8, WIN10, support tablets and 64-bit systems.
Anti-reverse connection function
100HKZ MACH3 USB five-axis motion control card
Support for different versions of MACH3 software, support for the latest version.
Wide peripheral voltage input, 12-24V and anti-reverse connection function.
5-axis control, Step/Dir output
4db isolated inputs (NPN)
4 dB cut-off output (max 500 mA)
PWM signal output
Frequency converter control (0-10 volts)
For use with Mach3 software by installing the plugin only
Maximum frequency per axis: 100 kHz
Computer connection: USB2.0
External power supply: 12-24VDC
The ability to connect an external MPG trolley (HDR15 interface)
Input voltage: 12~24V
Trolley working voltage: 5V

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