LM7660 Negative Voltage Converter Module

LM7660 Negative Voltage Converter Module
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Tags: Pump Voltage Inverter, Negative Voltage Converter, LM7660

LC LM7660 positive pressure  conversion negative pressure module carry a LM7660 high precision voltage conversion chip, it can conversion 1.5V-10V Positive voltage to corresponding the negative voltage

Function and characteristics:
Effective range of input voltage: 1.5 V to 10 V
Low working current
With high voltage and power conversion efficiency

Hardware and instructions:
Size: 20*10mm
The board function description:
V + : positive voltage input;
GND: switching power supply;
V - : negative voltage output
FC in 2 solder should always keep a disconnect

when the input voltage is less than 3.5 V LV place two bonding pad should be short, when the input voltage is greater than 3.5 V to be disconnected.

Package Include:
1x LM7660 Module

Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage DC 1.5-10V

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