KY-032 Obstacle Avoidance Module

KY-032 Obstacle Avoidance Module
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Tags: Tracing Sensor, KY-032, Infrared Sensor, IR Photoelectric, Obstacle Avoidance

The object is sense of the output 0, output 1 is not time sensitive, directly with 3 V and 5 V microcontroller io connected.
Detection distance of 2-40 cm, distance, good anti-interference capacity. (Note: the infrared sensor can not detect all objects at the same distance, objects of different colors of the light reflectance of the different objects closer black darker distance detected, the sensor 2-40 cm is measured against the wall white of)
Speed, suitable to avoid intelligent car obstacles, black and white line tracking, anti-drop, product counters, cutting lines, liquid level detection.
This sensor is made with black and white lines that trace the car running without black line on white paper, available in concrete complex yellow environment like the line of black line patrol. While the black line around the color slightly lighter than the black one can, eliminating the traditional movements, so that the environmental design is easier.
The sensor from 3 to 6 V, wide range, suitable for MCU system of 3 V and 5 V.
With enable, the terminal is equal to "1" when the sensor does not work, equal to "0" when it works. Skip in the long end sensor cover after the grounding plug (long as "0"). To use the PIN in PIN when the bridge cover is removed.
The frequency adjustment potentiometer is used to adjust the carrier frequency of the infrared emission tube, because the integration receiver 38 kHz in particular when the carrier frequency is the most sensitive. The needle resistance of the 502 (ie, the launch tube at maximum brightness), and then in a white wall tone 103 resistance, has been transferred to the detection distance is the farthest so far for the sensor to work in the best state

Working voltage:DC 3.3 V-5 v
Working current: ≥20ma
Working temperature: -10 degrees-+ 50 degrees
Detection distance: 2-40 cm
Interface io: 4 line (- / + / s / in)
Output signal: TTL level
Adjustment mode: multiple resistance regulation
Effective angle: 35 °
Size: 4.5x1.1 cm (approx)

Package Include : 
1x KY-032 Module

Electrical Parameters
Voltage DC 3.3-5V
Current 20mA
Physical Parameters
Size 45mm x 11mm

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