Smart voice control module HLK V20 Kit 2

Smart voice control module HLK V20 Kit 2
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HLK-V20 is the latest high-performance offline speech recognition module, which can be widely used in smart home, various smart small appliances, toys, lamps, industrial, medical, products that need voice control, Such as the Internet of Things, cars, security and lighting.
This module uses a 32-bit RSIC architecture core and adds a DSP instruction set specifically for signal processing and speech recognition, an FPU arithmetic unit that supports floating point operations, and an FFT accelerator.

Processing core:
32-bit RISC core, 240M execution frequency
DSP instruction set support and FPU floating point operation unit
FFT Accelerator: Supports up to 1024 complex FFT/IFFT operation points or 2048 real FFT/IFFT operation points.
Custom voice algorithm operator

Supports 1 analog microphone input
Support for two-channel DAC output
Support 12S input/output

Power supply and clock:
Internal power supply 5V to 3.3V, 3.3V to 1.2V LDO for chip
12 MHz RC clock source and PLL phase locked loop clock source
Set POR (Power on Reset), low voltage detection and watchdog

Side interface:
Support up to 10 GPIO
All GPIO can be configured as external interrupt input and contact source
1 standard SPI Master interface, the highest machine speed is 30 MHz
1 SPI Slave interface with a maximum rate of 30 MHz
1 UART full duplex maximum speed 3Mbps
I2C master/slave controller with a maximum speed of 400 kHz
2 PWM outputs
1 12-bit SAR-ADC sampling rate up to 450 kHz
Custom launch notification
Custom voice wake-up words
Custom voice command words
Custom TTS voice playback
Support 10 words without waking up (no need to wake up, direct recognition of command words)
This module has a large number of system peripherals, including UART/I2C/SPI/PWM/I2S/DAC/GPIO/DMic/AMic
The module has 16 pins including differential input, power amplifier output and serial port.
B8 (I): General purpose input/output
B7 (I/O): General purpose input/output
B6 (I/O): General purpose input/output
A27 (I/O): General purpose I/O
A26 (I/O): General purpose I/O
SPK-(0): Power amplifier differential output terminal P
SPK-(0): N terminal of power amplifier differential output
VCC (PWR): Power supply (3.3V-5V)
B2 (I/O): General purpose input/output
B3 (I/O): General purpose input/output
A25 (I/O): General purpose I/O
MIC-(I): N terminal of differential input MIC1
MIC-(I): P terminal of differential input MIC1
RX (I/O): Uart rx
TX (I/O): Uart tx

Smart houses

Standby power consumption: 5V power supply, average standby power consumption 63mA
Power consumption: 5V power supply, with speaker (8Ω 1W)
Input DC voltage: 3.3V~5V
Working temperature: -20 to +85 degrees Celsius

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