IMS-2B Single H Bridge DC Motor Driver Module

IMS-2B Single H Bridge DC Motor Driver Module
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Product Description
designed for the smart car Arduino, across the bridge DC brush motor drive, motor hollow cup is very good source of PID program to e-mail.
This brake unit quickly, and easy for operation. evaluation clients that is better than the MC33886 etc.
the driver use the entire bridge chip unit + extremely low impedance MOSFET. make the MOSFET switching losses to lower. improve the rate of energy use. MOSFET chip unit hardware with brake function and power feedback function.
type MOSFET current resistance shock resistance is 0.005 ohm, can quickly make MOSFET open channel, improving the curvature of engine speed, you can also fast in the electric braking. You can drive car can quickly start can also kill quickly.
unit can work 0% -98% PWM cycle, because the unit is a NMOS circuit, the NMOS circuit characteristics is not at 100% PWM, when 100% of the PWM control circuit performs the long time operation can take lead to damage.

Performance Parameters:
Rated voltage: 3V-15V
R1 short circuit, VCC and B + short circuit. VDC output voltage and the input voltage lead.
R1 open circuit, VCC and B + disconnection. VDC input voltage 3-12 V.
Rated current: 50 A
peak current: 110 A
switching frequency: 1 K to 200 kHz
Dimensions: 5.0 cm (length) * 5.0 cm (width) * 3.1 cm (high)
When R1 position short circuit, VCC and short to B +. Output voltage VCC and the driver enter the same voltage.
When R1 open position, VCC and B + disconnected. VCC input voltage 3-12V.

Package Include:
1 x DC Motor Driver 50A

Motor Specifications
Peak Current peak : 110 A
Electrical Parameters
Frequency 1 K to 200 kHz
Voltage 3V-15V
Current 50A
Physical Parameters
Size 5.0 cm (l) * 5.0 cm (w) * 3.1 cm (h)

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