HSC-001 Voice Player Module

HSC-001 Voice Player Module
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Tags: MP3 Decoder, WAV Decoder, HSC-001, TTL Sound Player

HSC001 is totally independent research and development to provide a serial MP3 module , the perfect integration of MP3 , WAV hardware decoding. While the software supports direct PC update spi flash content, support FAT16 , FAT32 file system. Can be accomplished by simple serial command plays the specified music, and how to play music and other functions, without tedious low-level, easy to use, stable and reliable is the biggest characteristic of this product. In addition, this chip is the depth of customized products designed for fixed voice playing field to develop low-cost solutions.

supports sampling rates (KHz): 8 / 11.025 / 12/16 / 22.05 / 24/32 / 44.1 / 48
24-bit DAC output dynamic range support 90dB, 85dB SNR support
fully supports FAT16, FAT32 file system, maximum support 32G U disk, 512K-128M bytes of spi flash
a variety of control, serial port, AD key control mode
the broadcast language spots feature, you can pause a playing background music
the audio data is sorted by folder, supports up to 255 folders, folders can assign every 1,000 songs
30 adjustable volume level, Level 5 EQ adjustable
connected to the computer can display updated content to download the letter;
the serial port can control the playback of music specified by the microcontroller;
in the mode button, you can select playback mode: single cycle, a cycle, after playing the song stops;
playback volume, play tracks ideo data with memory function;
supports 10 output;
support USB download directly into FLASH;
straight 3W speaker;
car navigation voice broadcast
road transport inspectors, toll voice prompts;
train station, bus station security check voice prompts;
electricity, communications, finance business hall voice prompts;
the vehicle into and out of the channel to verify the voice prompts;
frontier inspection channel voice prompts;    
multi-channel voice alarm or voice guidance equipment operation;
electric sightseeing bus safety with voice announcement;
electrical and mechanical equipment failure automatic alarm;
fire alarm voice prompts;
automatic broadcast equipment, broadcast regularly

Communication format:
It supports asynchronous serial communication mode, accept commands through the serial port of the host computer to send 
communications standards:
9600 bps 
Data bit: 1 
parity bit: none 
Flow control: none
***Format : $ S Len CMD para1 para2 $ O

Package Include : 
1X Player Module
Interface Type TTL Serial

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