GX591 spot welder suitable for 18650 batteries

GX591 spot welder suitable for 18650 batteries
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The GX591 spot welding machine is a specialized welding tool designed for accurate and efficient spot welding of metal components. Commonly used in manufacturing and electronics industries. This device offers more accurate welding and soldering connections by spot welding on a thin plate of 0.1-0.2 mm. The welding point control board has 99 levels of power adjustment and a digital tube with real time display, it also has the ability to measure battery voltage, in other words, it is a voltmeter MOS tube * has a spot welding current of 8 to 2400A.
At 12-bit high precision, the voltage measurement accuracy can reach 0.01.

18650 battery
26650 battery
Battery 32650
Lipo battery welding

Welding nickel sheet thickness: 0.1-0.2mm (related to battery discharge energy)
Welding current: maximum 2400 amps
Material: PCB
Working voltage: 24-8V
Working flow: less than 20mm
Standby current consumption: less than 0.5mA

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