10 PCS F5305S Power MOSFET Switch Module

10 PCS F5305S Power MOSFET Switch Module
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The F5305S MOSFET Electronic Switch DC Controlling Board is based on the FET model of the new original F5305S. We can input PWM signal for motor control Speed, lightness, etc.
MOSFET modules input and output is fully isolated.

F5305S Mosfet Application:
  1. Driving motor
  2. light bulb
  3. light and strips
  4. small pumps,
  5. solenoid valve
F5305S Module Features:
  1. The FET module, the input and output are completely isolated from each other.
  2. Trigger signal: digital high / weak signal, can be connected to IO microcontroller, plc interface, DC power supply, and so on.
  3. Signal input: Voltage: 3 V ~ 20 V; current: 5mA
  4. Output: Voltage: 5 V ~ 36 V; Current: 5A
  5. Item Dimensions: 46 x 25 x 18mm 
  6. Cross-stitch embroidery.
  1. MOSFFET F5305S datasheet Link
Package Include : 
10 x F5305S Module
Electrical Parameters
Input Current 5mA
Input Voltage DC 3-20V
Output Current 5A
Output Voltage DC 5-36V
Physical Parameters
Size 46mm x 25mm x 18mm

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