Programmer of ESP32 WROVER modules

Programmer of ESP32 WROVER modules
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Tags: ESP32 WROVER, ESP32, ESP32 programmer, ESP32 fixture


ESP32-WROVER Development Fixture Board can be used to program and develop ESP32-WROVER chips. It has an internal CP2104 USB-TTL chip and an AMS1117 version 3.3 regulator to drive and program the ESP module via USB.
This fixture does not contain ESP32 module, this board is suitable for Ansinco ESP-12S/2F/12E/O7S/07 tester and programmer and other modules.

Parameter description:
1. Download and install the corresponding CP2104 serial chip driver according to the operating system.
2. Download ESPFLashDownloadTool
3. Fixed automatic download: press the power key, turn on the module with the flash download tool. Configure the burning parameters you want to use, click Start Download. That is, start burning the firmware, the downloader will reset automatically and convert the module into burning mode.
4. Manual firmware download: Press the power key, turn on the module with the flash download tool, open the burn software, configure the relevant burn-in parameters, long press the burn-in button, and then press the reset button. Press, then click START DOWNLOAD, you can start to burn firmware.
5. The downloader is suitable for ESP-12S/ESP-12F/ESP-12E/ESP-O7/ESP-07S and other modules. When the burn button is pressed, the blue burn indicator lights up and the IO0 pin of the ESP32 module goes low at the same time, check the relevant documentation on how to enter the burn mode of the module.


Interface: Micro USB
Control chip: UART to UART bridge controller (CP2104)

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