CR6 Spider Robot Kit

CR6 Spider Robot Kit
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Tags: Hexapod Robot, Spider Robot, Programmable Robot, CR6 Robot

*** The Robot is not Assembled!
Single leg length:31cm 
trunk shell length:24cm 
trunk inner shell width:16cm
Body material : Light hard aluminum alloy, the surface hardening processing and the combination of added structure design
Power : 7.4V 2200mAh large capacity lithium battery
Life Time : Continuous operation for 90min
The hardware part : CR.-6 A six-foot. the robot dedicated servo controller
PC soft tabs : PC software + Android mobile APP

Servo parameters : 
LDX218 high precision digital servo
Full Metal Gears
Weight: about 60g
size : 40mm x 20mm x 40mm
Stall torque: 15 kg/cm @ 6V; 17kg/cm @ 7.4V

Packing List :
1 Set Robot full bracket
1x 7.4V lithium battery charger
18x Rudder line
1x USB$±
1x screwdriver
1x PS2 handle receiver
18x LD×218 high precision digital servo
1 Set 20-way servo controller + blue
A Number Of Cable tie tube
1 Set 6 foot spider robot body
1 Set Infrared remote control and receiver
1x Sound sensor
1x Acceleration gyro sensor
1x Ultrasonic module (with protective case)
1x Acoustic wave transfer module
1x Anti-blocking 9g steering gear LFD-01
1x Photosensor
1x OLED LCD screen
4x Infrared obstacle avoidance sensor
1x Color sensor
1 Set Arduino secondary development controller
1x Data line
1x Cable
Physical Parameters
Weight 2 Kg

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