ULN2003A Stepper Motor Driver Module

ULN2003A Stepper Motor Driver Module
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Tags: Stepper Motor Driver, Breakout Board, DC Motor Driver, Robot, ULN2003 Driver

CJMCU-2003 is a 7-way inverter circuit, that is, when the input is high when the CJMCU-2003 output is low, when the input is low when the CJMCU-2003 output is high. It can also be used as a driver circuit for some devices such as stepper motors.

1, display driver
2, relay drive
3, lighting driver
4, solenoid valve drive
5, dc motor, stepper motor drive and other circuits.

Package Includes:
1 x ULN2003A Driver Module
Electrical Parameters
Current 500mA

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