LT3042 Linear Regulators Module

LT3042 Linear Regulators Module
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Tags: DC-DC, Power Converter Module, Adjustable Regulator Module, LT3042

Ultrahigh PSRR: 79dB at 1MHz
Output Current: 200mA
Wide Input Voltage Range: 1.8V to 20V
Single Capacitor Improves Noise and PSRR n 100µA SET Pin Current: ±1% Initial Accuracy n Single Resistor Programs Output Voltage
High Bandwidth: 1MHz
Programmable Current Limit
Low Dropout Voltage: 350mV
Output Voltage Range: 0V to 15V
Programmable Power Good
Fast Start-Up Capability
Precision Enable/UVLO
Parallelable for Lower Noise and Higher Current
Internal Current Limit with Foldback
Minimum Output Capacitor: 4.7µF Ceramic

RF Power Supplies: PLLs, VCOs, Mixers, LNAs
Very Low Noise Instrumentation
High Speed/High Precision Data Converters n Medical Applications: Imaging, Diagnostics n Precision Power Supplies
Post-Regulator for Switching Supplies

Package Include : 
1x LT3042 Module
Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage DC 1.8-20V
Output Current 200mA
Output Voltage DC 0-15V

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