DC-DC B3603 3A Step Down Module

DC-DC B3603 3A Step Down Module
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Tags: DC-DC, Power Converter Module, Adjustable Regulator Module, B3603

Product Description:
Programmable Microcontroller Based 0-36V/3A output Constant Current (CC) Constant Voltage (CV), 4-Digit Seven Segment LED Display with CC, CV and Output LED indicators Precision Digital Power Supply Module.

Constant Current Constant Voltage Adjustable Output Low Cost Lab Power Supply for Experiments
Solar Power Battery Charger
Use as Battery Charger for all type of battery chemistry (Lead Acid, Li-ION, NiMH, LIPO Etc). You must program correct battery charge termination voltage and maximum current values yourself.

Microcontroller based Control & Digital display, convenient and easy to use
Constant voltage and constant current state
OUT,CV and CC indicator light
Adjust output voltage and current value accurately
Automatic/manual switch voltage, current, power, capacity and other parameters display
It can be set whether automaticallyoutput or not after electrify
It can be set whether take turns to showvoltage, current, power and capacity or not after output
6 groups of storage location, free storage and bring up
One key to save voltage and current value

Technical Specifications:
Input voltage: 6V ~ 40V
Output voltage: 0 ~ 36V
Output current: 0 ~ 3A
Voltage regulation/display resolution: 0.01 V
Current regulation/display resolution: 0.001 A
The minimum display resolution of power: 0.001 W
The minimum display resolution of capacity: 0.001 AH
Conversion efficiency: up to 92%
The output ripple: ≦50 mV
Working temperature: – 40℃~ + 85 ℃
Working frequency:150 KHz
Short circuit protection:Constant current
Input reverse connect protection:No, if necessary please install diode
Connection mode: Terminals
Size (mm):66 (long)* 50 (wide) * 21 (high)
Weight: 43 g

Properly connect input and output, it is forbidden to reverse connection, or it will
be burn out.
This module is a step-down module, input voltage needs to be great than output voltage by atleast 1.5 V.
Output under 2A natural cooling, output above 2A shall require larger heatsink or cooling fan.

Package Include:
1x 3A Step Down Regulator
Electrical Parameters
Frequency 150KHz
Input Voltage DC 6-40V
Output Current 0-3A
Output Voltage DC 0-36V
Physical Parameters
Size 66mm x 50mm x 21mm

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