CNC Shield V4

CNC Shield V4
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Tags: Stepper Motor Driver, DC Motor Driver, Motor Driver, A4988, DRV8825, 3D Printer Driver, Arduino Shield, CNC Shield

The CNC Shield v4 is made for the control of 3D printers, milling and engraving machines. This version of the shield has 1 motor driver less than its predecessor, but is more compact and has space for an Arduino Nano. 
This board has 3 sockets for the installation of stepper motor drivers such as the A4988. Only 2 channels per motor are required to control this motor. There is also a connection for 2 end-stop switches per motor. An A4988 was used as the motor driver, A4988 support 1 segment, 1/2 segment, 1/4 segment, 1/8 segment, 1/16 segment. Each segment is set by the MS0, MS1, MS2 pin header in the CNC Shield V4.0, cover the jumper cap to the pin header represents the high level, do not cover the jumper cap represents a low level. It also includes the I2C interface, So you can connect the LCD screen which has the I2C interface.
The input voltage of CNC Shield V4.0 is DC 7.5V-12V. Do not apply a voltage higher than 12V.
This shield can make quick work for managing stepper motors in your project.

This expansion board as a driver expansion board can be used for engraving machines, 3D printers.
Compatible with a micro-drive laser engraving machine, three-axis CNC engraving machine.
2A can be controlled within the two-phase four-wire stepper motor.
Each road stepper motors only need two IO ports. In other words, six IO ports can be well managed three stepper motors. Very convenient to use.
Released the I2C interface, you can connect to the LCD I2C or other I2C modules.
Power DC 5V interface, 7.5V - 12V voltage input.
Interface: Digital I/O, I2C (For LCD or other Equipment)
Can be worked with nano
UNO for Arduino module IO port correspondence introduction.
Size: 71.5mm x 58mm x 12.5mm

Work with Arduino Nano
Arduino Nano is not included.
A4988 Stepper Motor Driver is not included.

Package Include:
1 x CNC Shield V4

Interface Type Digital I/O, I2C
Motor Specifications
Maximum Current 2A
Electrical Parameters
Channels 3 Channel
Input Voltage 7.5V ~ 12V
Physical Parameters
Size 71.5mm x 58mm x 12.5mm

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