XD203 Multifunction Arduino Shield

XD203 Multifunction Arduino Shield
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Tags: APC220, LM35, SG90, Bluetooth Module, Servo Motor

Expansion board is directly connected with the non-specific speech recognition module LD3320, voice control lamp can be achieved. For the smart home, essential
Expansion board is directly connected to a Bluetooth wireless serial module, the phone can control the lighting, motion control smart car
Expansion board is directly connected with the APC220 wireless serial module, long-distance data transmission!
Expansion boards directly with infrared photoelectric sensor docking, can achieve human traffic statistics, intelligent car obstacle avoidance function
Expansion boards directly SYN6288 Free voice recorder docking module, voice broadcast feature
Expansion board directly, MG945 MG995 and other servos connected to SG90, realize complex robot movements
Expansion boards directly implement the common infrared remote control decoding, realize car control, lighting control, relay control
Left common temperature sensor interface! Convenient temperature measurement
Digital display LM35 temperature sensor
Digital display voltage
Package Include :
1 x XD203 Arduino Shield
Physical Parameters
Weight 23g

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