Arduino USB Host Shield V2.0

Arduino USB Host Shield V2.0
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Tags: Arduino Host Shield, USB Host, Android, Google ADK

Description :   
This is revision 2.0 of USB Host Shield. Thanks to new interface layout it is now compatible not only with Arduino UNO and Duemilanove, but also big Mega and Mega 2560 work. No more SPI re-wiring and code modifications just plug and play!
This shield will work with standard (dual 5/3.3V) and 3.3V-only (for example, Arduino Pro) boards.
HID devices, such as keyboards, mice, joysticks, etc.
game controllers - Sony PS3, Nintendo Wii, Xbox360
USB to serial converters - FTDI, PL-2303, ACM, as well as certain cell phones and GPS receivers
ADK-capable Android phones and tables
Digital cameras - Canon EOS, Powershot, Nikon DSLRs and P&S, as well as generic PTP
Mass storage devices, such as USB sticks, memory card readers, external hard drives
Bluetooth dongles
Package Include:
1x USB Host Shield V2.0
Physical Parameters
Weight 20g

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