Air780E network module DTU version

Air780E network module DTU version
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Air780E module DTU version (data transmission unit) is a powerful 4G module designed for safe and secure data transmission in various industrial applications and Internet of Things, GPS tracking. The main chip of this module is Air780E.

Key features of Air780E (DTU version):
4G LTE connection: Support for comprehensive 4G LTE networks for fast and stable data transfer.
DTU Performance: Designed specifically for data transmission applications, ideal for industrial automation, remote monitoring and IoT systems.
GPS functionality: Includes optional GPS for accurate location tracking and navigation apps.
Serial Communication: Supports UART and makes it compatible with various microcontrollers and systems for serial data communication.
Multiple Interface Options: Offers multiple interfaces including USB and GPIO for versatile connectivity and integration options.

Pin configuration:
VCC: Power supply input
GND: Ground
TXD/RXD: Transmit and receive UART pins
EN: Enable PIN
GPIO: Various pins for general purpose I/O

Industrial Automation: Used in automated systems to monitor and control data in real time.
Remote Monitoring: Ideal for remote sensor data collection and monitoring applications.
IoT Solutions: Integrate with various IoT devices for efficient data transfer and connectivity.
GPS Tracking: Suitable for vehicle tracking, asset tracking and other location-based services.
Smart grid and measurement: It is used in smart grid applications for data communication between meters and control centers.

Working voltage: usually 3.3 to 5V
Interfaces: UART, USB, GPIO
Network standards: LTE FDD/TDD, GSM
Working temperature: 70-35 degrees Celsius

Air780E module data sheet

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