AD620 Amplifier Module

AD620 Amplifier Module
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Tags: Differential Amplifier, DC-DC, AC-DC, Microvolt Amplifier, Minivolt Amplifier, Power Converter Module, AD620

This device uses an AD620 as an amplifier that is capable of amplifying small voltage signal (e.g. µV) AC or DC. By adjusting the on-board potentiometer, the magnification can be adjusted to go as high as up to 1000 times. This module has a low voltage offset, great linearity, and also, an adjustable zero potentiometer to improve its accuracy.

1. Input voltage: 3-12VDC. (Batch can be customized)
2. Magnification: 1.5-1000 times adjustable, zero adjustable
3. Signal input voltage: 100uV--300mV( DC/AC )
4. Signal output range: ± (Vin - 2V)
5. Negative pressure output: greater than -Vin. Due to the problem of internal resistance of the negative voltage chip output, the actual output is greater than -Vin, and the larger the load power, the larger the negative pressure drop.
6. Offset voltage: 50μV. 
7. Input bias current: 1.0nA (maximum).
8. Common mode rejection ratio: 100dB 
9. Offset voltage drift: 0.6μV/°C (maximum). 
10. Stable, time: 2μV/month maximum
11. Module weight: 4g
12. Size: 32*22mm

+S:signal input port;
-S:signal input negative port (can connect with GND);
Vout:signal output;
V-:output -Vin voltage (can supply power ofn sensors);

signal input,signal output,power input should be common ground

Package Include:
1x Amplifier Module

Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage Input voltage: DC 3-12V & Input Signal : 100uV-300mV( DC/AC )
Output Voltage ± (Vin - 2V)
Physical Parameters
Size 32mm x 22mm

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