ZIRCON Altera FPGA A4 Development Board

ZIRCON Altera FPGA A4 Development Board
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chips can be found in many safety-critical applications today, from cloud data centers and mobile phone base stations to encrypted USB-sticks and industrial control systems. Their decisive advantage lies in their reprogrammability compared to conventional hardware chips with their fixed functionalities.
ZIRCON Altera board features different items and interface for easy usages.
ZIRCON Altera development board model FPGA A4 include: 4 button, segment, ADC, flash, SDRAM and other option.

FPGA board Application:

  1. Product Prototype Development
  2. Accelerated computing integration
  3. Development and testing of custom embedded processors
  4. Signal Processing
  5. Communication devices development
  6. Educational tool for Schools and Universities
  7. Video processing

ZIRCON Altera board Features:

  1. SDRAM: 256Mbit MT48LC16M16A2
  2. FLASH: 128bit M25P128
  3. Active crystal: 50MHz
  4. USB to UART: CP2102
  5. Analog to digital conversion: TLC549C Serial 8 bit
  6. Digital to analog conversion: TLC5615C Serial 10 bit
  7. VGA transmission: 256 8bit
  8. PS/2 transmission: PS/2 interface jack
  9. TFT touch screen: 2.4" ILI9341
  10. Infrared receiving: 38Khz
  11. SD card: Micro SD
  12. JTAG download interface: 2*5pin 2.54mm space
  13. Expansion I/O interface: 2*30pin 2.54mm space
  14. Capacitor key :*4 TTP226
  15. Touch key:4
  16. LED light: 8 orange
  17. Digital tube: 6 red
  18. Dial switch:2
  19. Buzzer: 1
  20. PCB: 12*17cm


  1. what is an FPGA board ? Link

Connector Features
Type CP2102
Display Properties
Driver IC ILI9341
Board Parameters
FLASH 128bit
GPIO 2x 30 pin 2.54mm
Physical Parameters
Size 120mm x 170mm

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