902 Soldering Iron Tweezer Head 1pair

902 Soldering Iron Tweezer Head 1pair
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Tags: Soldering Iron Head, SMD Soldering, Soldering Tweezer

The iron tip can be contacted as tweezers, which can greatly improve the efficiency of soldering chips, patches, and other multi-soldering devices. Tweezers are especially suitable for crowded circuits. You can speed up your soldering with twin iron tweezers. You can work on two solder points at the same time.
This works great for double-sided PC boards and components with two solder leads and is usde for dual soldering iron handle welding tool in  godak 902 ESD SMD soldering pliers.

902 ESD SMD welding tool application:

  1. complicated boards
  2. development board
  3. smd crowded circuits

902 ESD SMD soldering Pliers Features:

  1. Model number: 902
  2. Color: Silver
  3. Material: Iron (anti-corrosion)

Package Include:
1 x Pair 902 Tweezer Head

Physical Parameters
Material Metal
Color Silver

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